Friday, January 28, 2011

Assignment: One-sided, eight-page mini comic

Make an eight-page mini comic using the fold and cut technique described in class. To next week's class, bring (a) your original art and (b) 14 copies of the finished book, so that everyone in the class gets one to keep.

Also upload a version of the comic to the Monster Rat blog. Include your first name in the blog post title (example title: "Greg: The three-legged horse"). Also label/tag your post (see window at the bottom of the post window) with your first name. At next week's class, we'll all present and discuss our original drawings, photocopied comics, and blog comic.

Comic can be inked or just pencilled. Can be any subject or style. Include a title page. Some story ideas: Robot that can't go very far because it's plugged into wall. Experiment goes awry in Montserrat print lab and spawns Monster Rat. Snowperson must protect its carrot nose from a pesky critter. Nonfiction diary of something that happened to you during the winter break/session.

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