Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tools and materials

A mini guide to tools and materials:
= Pencil (any pencil will do, but the lead in decent art pencils holds up better; usually HB; H = harder; B = softer)
=Eraser (maybe this one?)
= Copier paper
= Tracing paper (sometimes called "vellum"). Consider getting medium weight to allow for more erasing.
= Paper clips (for holding paper in place while tracing)
= Bristol board (smooth/plate, textured/vellum)
= Pens (technical pen at .50 or .60mm with = India ink or dip pen with nibs)
= Nibs (Jaimie Hernandez uses Hunt 22 nib; Robert Crumb favors Hunt 102 nib)
= Brushes (script/liner/lettering #1; Kolinsky sable round watercolor brush #2; keep brushes damp while working; clean brushes)
= Ink (India vs. Sumi, which is not waterproof)

Note: Product links are not meant as endorsements, just examples. Explore various stores and brands for quality and price, then choose the best one for you.

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