Thursday, March 3, 2011

Assignment: Superhero adventure

1. (Ruby) Police at crime scene in Beverly discover skeletons and ooze. (Scientists no there.)

2. (Ryan) Scientist guy (Dr. Fred Guy, 1950s short, straight, black hair, average build, round glasses, lab coat) and assistant (Alyssa, shoulder length blonde hair, frail, lab coat, pants, secretly: a good shape shifter) at their lab in the Cummings Center hear about the crime scene. Scientist recognizes it as the work of his son. “This is the [number] body.” “And it’s getting worse.”

3. (Ethel) Flashback: Boy (Marc, short black hair, round race, elementary-school age) gets into the middle of an experiment. It goes awry. Explosion. Boy blasted to bits.

4. (Kelly) Flashback continues: View of boy’s blasted remains. Scientist and assistant bury bits in the woods. Dialogue: This is where boy used to play/fort. [Add: After scientists depart, body reforms.]

5. (Waka) Return to present: Scientists searching for boy in two places that in dialogue they describe as places boy used to hang out.

6. (Ron) Scientists find and explore seemingly empty dead school bus hideout in the woods.

7. (Jon) Scientists find boy at school bus hideout. They say: “We can help you.” [Boy says he’s been trying to figure out his confused identity.]

8. (Ben) Boy attacks. [Boy continues explaining that he’s been trying to figure out his confused identity.]

9. (Greg) Fight between two shape shifters: boy and assistant.

10. (Pete) Fight ends with boy captured.

11. (Ashton) Back at their lab, scientists try to fix boy. Scientists explain how they figured out how to do the experiment correctly on the assistant, and so know how to fix the boy. “Want to make things right.”

12. (Harley) Experiment is a success. Happy, tearful reunion.

13. (Chelsea) Slowly revealed that experiment didn’t work.

14. (Amanda) A sacrifice to save the world. Perhaps scientist or assistant sacrifice an organ that they may not be able to live without that is transplanted into boy.

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